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Interactive Design

My design process for developing an interactive e-book using 3 short stories by the author L. K. Sharma based in London, England.


It will open up to this layout- The smallest picture on the right is
the selection of books you desire to
read. After you select the Anglo-Indian Encounters, you will see the Index page of the E-book.

Index page: On the top are the different chapters of the book.
The next line has the different pages in the selected chapter (helps to choose a particular page) and has the page number on the right.

Below on the left side are the underlined pages and under that are the comments and insights on the book which can be shared with your book readers club friends. Here you can interact with different readers as well as the authors themselves.

On the right side are your favourite pages in the book which are book marked.
Below this is the current news and
information you can access on the
particular book.

You can then click on the book to open and start reading.
Drag on the book to scroll up and down. Drag and place the bookmark wherever you would like to mark the page.

On the right is the chapter cover page.


These bookmarks can be picked out and placed wherever the reader wants to mark a page. They have an illustration of the characters from the
story and their names.








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