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Game Design (2008)

'Pakkad' Final output

This visit to the orphanage gave me a clear idea of how these children think, what colors they choose, what things do they like, etc. These children need something that keeps their mind engaged in a playful manner.  

The children start by placing one card after another in the middleof the play space. As soon two people get the same card/pattern, they shout a word and grab a toy. The one who grabs the toy first gets all the cards in the middle. The game goes on until everyone but one loses all his/her cards. The winner is the one who has a card left.   The toy
I wanted the toy to be cylindrical. It is easier to hold on to
something cylindrical and something without sharp edges.
The toy is made of wood with patterns on top.
I decided to stick to 5 basic colors for my shapes. Yellow,
Green, Orange, Pink and Purple. These are the colors mainly used by children in the drawings.

Next, the patterns I drew were simple but a little tricky, so that the game gets a bit confusing and interesting.  


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